PHREC Sugarbeet Cercospora Alarm Monitoring

Daily Infection Risk

This map shows actual temperature and relative humidity sensors that are currently installed as well as daily infection values (DIV) for sugar beet cercospora leaf spot that are calculated in real-time from these sensors. Users can zoom in and select any dot (sensor) and a table of DIV should show up. Based on sum of DIV during two adjacent days:

(1) A sum of less than 4, the likelihood of infection would be low;

(2) Sum of 4 to 6, infection risk would be moderate;

(3) Sum of 7 to 14 indicate high infection risk.

Users should be mindful when interpolating such values to their own fields if distances are substantial.

Low Infection Risk
Moderate Infection Risk
High Infection Risk


Temperature and RH Sensors Locations

ID Sensor Location Latitude Longitude